The Road Home

The aim of this new site is to challenge you to show compassion and support for those persons experincing Homelessness, by creatively supporting a sleep out, this can be on the couch at home, on the floor in your office, in the park, in a car or any other way you may think of, but please think of safety when you choose to do this. 

Although a person may be homeless they still have value to offer so please show them you care.

Why should I care? 

"I think homelessness is an absolute tragedy. To know that you don't belong anywhere, that you have no home to shelter in, and no one to support you. It is one of the most distressing experiences a person can have ..." " The consequence is the quality of life for the whole community is diminished. People will do whatever it takes to survive, including turning to crime if they have to. " " As a community, we need to be responsive to people who are homeless, not just for moral and social reasons, but also for the sake of the stability of the entire community." Major David Eldridge (The Salvation Army)

Sleep Outs

Anywhere But a Bed has had a Name change and now known as "The Road Home" the concept is the same but we will expand our material.and nformation.

Anywhere but a Bed has been supported by many Businesses, Organisations and groups over the years, we ask you for your continued support to get the word out there. 


Hygiene Products

Many people experiencing homelessness in Australia are consistently forced to go without essential hygiene products. 

To address this issue on a local level, The Road Home and the Barwon South West Homelessness Network have developed the “the Basic Necessities Project”.


Blanket Appeal

Most of us have warm clothing, blankets and a fire or heater to keep us warm at night.

Please spare a thought for those that a struggling, they have no warm clothes or blankets, some don't have bedding.

Please Donate any blankets or bedding you can to our Winter Blanket Appeal.



You will be surprised, excited, appalled, shocked and itching to do something to support these incredibly resourceful people.



Please Register any events you have on our Registration Page

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